Out Of The Blue

My first kiss happened when I was 19 years old.  I wasn't one to waste my time on boys at school, besides most of them were interested in the pretty, crazy girls and never noticed me.  I was quite shy and kept to myself.  Once I began University, I met a guy called Dave.  We became friends and started going out with each other.  We spent every day together, walking around, talking, driving, eating, going out.  Before our first kiss, we'd spent about 6 or 7 hours lying under a tree under the stars.  He whispered to me as we were lying together that he wanted to kiss me.  I was unsure what to do.  We went back to the car and with him sitting on the bonnet, and me nestled between his thighs, we attempted our first kiss.  I got the giggles, and pulled away at the last minute....so it just didn't happen that night.

The next night, he came to pick me up and we went to a nearby building and found some steps that we could sit on and talk.  We talked all night long.  He told me about a dream he'd had of me.  I ended up sitting beside him really close and our heads were just at the right level, and he turned to face me and our lips touched for the first time.  It was brief, but electric for me.  His lips were soft and warm and they moved gently against mine.  I responded and pushed against him.  Then I felt his tongue push through my closed lips and teeth into my mouth, and he twisted and turned it around inside.  It was really wet and unexpected.  For a second, I felt disappointed.  Disappointed that I felt so let down when his tongue went into my mouth.  It just seemed to make the kiss, my very first kiss, that much more cheaper.  We kissed over and over again, and then he pulled away, saying the if he didn't make the move than I wouldn' t have.  He was right. 

Iskima Iskima
26-30, F
Mar 1, 2010