I've Had Two.

Or, at least, I say I have.

My first kiss was technically with a girl named Nicole.

I went to a party in 7th (or was it 8th...?) grade, with kids who I thought were a lot cooler than me, so, of course, I was on cloud nine when they invited me.  (I was a friend of the host's boyfriend.  But, that's another story.)

When I got there, they were drinking, smoking, and playing pool.

I hung out with some aquaintences and nibbled on some pizza.

Then, everyone decided they wanted to play spin the bottle.

But, the game never happened.

Evidently, nicole was really upset.  She wrangled me into playing with her, and there might have been another person, I'm fuzzy on that.  Of course, the bottle landed on me, and I had to kiss her.

It was just a quick peck.  No sparks, no fireworks, no nothing.  I didn't count this as my first kiss.


The one I count happened outside school, waiting for the bus my freshman year.  I was crazy for this guy, David, who, of course, had a crush on one of my friends, but she was kicked out of school.  He pestered me all day to kiss him, but I was shy and said no.  Then, at the bus stop, he told me I had to kiss him.  So, I did.

His lips were wet and sticky, but, I was 14 and more than excited that a guy wanted me to kiss him.

I bounced all the way home, so excited that I had my first kiss.

We never technically dated, but we did kiss two or three more times after that... and he didn't seem to want it.

Soon thereafter, he blew me off at homecoming for boy scouts, or so he said.

I wish I could have had fireworks, but, instead, I had an awkward girl and a dumbass guy.

Oh well!  My best kisses are with my current boyfriend.... and that's all that matters to me. :o)

Truli Truli
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010