My First Real Kiss

My first real kiss (the first kiss i've ever had that actually meant something to me) didn't even happen until i was older. I was 17. I've kissed before, but this one was actually supposed to happen and i wanted it to happen. I was working at Subway (making subs and all- haha). The boy that worked there's family owned it and his brother worked at the gas station accross the street (that his family owned as well). Every night, when he got off of work, he would come to Subway and visit his brother. Eventually he and I started liking eachother, but we didn't say anything. Every night before he left, he would always come over to me and talk and give me a hug. Well, this one particular day, he was going to leave without saying goodbye or hugging me, so, i walked outside and yelled over to him "what, i don't get a goodbye hug tonight?" and i walked up to him and as he was giving me a hug, he picked me up and kissed me on the lips and after that we dated for a year. It was the best kiss i've ever had up to this point.

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lucky boy

Sounds fun :)