At A Sleepover

One of my cousins had invited me 2 a sleepover so I came. We were partying and dancing and fighting around ( as usual) when ( abou 4:30 in de am) we decided 2 play Truth OR Dare. So I had a secret about a boy that was @ the PARTY! ( yes we invite boyz 2 sleepoverz) so I chose dare. The person dared me 2 go in the closet and kiss a boy(Justin the boy I liked) on the lipz. So we went back there and I said that we could just say we kissed and he said it was ok and that he knew that I hadn't had me 1st kiss so I was like umm ok but i dont know how to. he said just to close me eyes n lean in. I did n he kissed me passionatly for like ever eventually in a french kiss. suddenly one of the ppl @ the sleepover walked in on us n then said alright n left. we stayed in there for the next half hour. When we finally came out no one was in the room so we went into the living room and everyone asked if we were going out n what happened n MORE questions. We said we hadn't talked it over yet n they begged us to go back in the closet and talk we went into the closet said we were dating n we kissed (french) for the next half hour again. after that half hour he said he was tired so everyone went to bed . I ended up sleeping in my cuz'z room in her bed with him n in the morning he woke me up by laying on top of me n kissing me lightly. It was the best kiss ever n we r still dating.That is my dream kiss. Sadly I haven't had mine yet. But my fingers are crossed!

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6 Responses Mar 3, 2010

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ty


NOOO... i wish it was though. u remember my I loved someone that didn't love me? well hes the same guy. no it hasn't happened.I WISH!

wait so it hasnt happened?

lol It is my dream story. I wish it will happen maybe it will since im still pretty young!!

Go on xD