"hi! My Names Vince"

I was on a trip with my friend who was ignoring me for her cousin. The trip was going awful and I was thirteen in the summer of eigth grade and i had still not had my first kiss. It was the last night of our stay at the beach and I was determined to get my first kiss on this night, considering the trip had been awful and i felt like a loner the whole time. So we ask my friends parents if we can go out and they said we can go out until 10:30 p.m. so we leave looking adorable. We get into town and no cute boys are anywhere to be seen. I'm feeling hopless when it starts to rain. I just say to myself maybe ill just be alone for the rest of my life when the rain stops. Me and my friends go sit on a bench when we see some boys in the middle of the valley the benches surrounded. I was feeling adventerous and so i approached them alone and asked them to come and hang out with us so they did and i had my eye on the very first boy i met, Vince. Vince had blonde hair and blue eyes and was about 6 ft tall. Vince suggests we walk to the beach but thats not such a good idea since its already past 10:30. The other girls are nagging us to go home but we are all still standing right next to the entrance of the beach, when my friend says "Bailey wants to kiss you Vince" i automatically denied but then he was like "do you Bailey do you?" and then i leaned in and we kissed and my jacket hung to the side off my shoulder it was so perfect! I then had to leave in a hurry and never saw him again. I dont regret a thing about it and im glad i waited to have the perfect first kiss

BaileyBoobs BaileyBoobs
13-15, F
Mar 4, 2010