My Very First Kiss

When I was in the first grade, me and my friend desariy ( I dont think I spelt that right after all its been 6 years). But we were awesome friend's we always hanged out. We also always sat together. We where best friend's, then I remember when it was leading up to the kiss. We where watching a video over spanish or something then the bell rang. All of us bursted out side except me and her. We went over to the track and we talked for a long time. Then we were in a acward spot and me and her both leaned in at the same time and bunked nose's. But it was a very romantic experince for me. As the bell rang for us to go inside we ran hoping no one had seen our pda. Later that year I found out that she wa moving and we both cried.


But i still to this day remember her name. And I dont think I will ever forget it.

Blackstreak Blackstreak
13-15, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

awww thats so cute. very cute. i think its spelled Desiree yea i think thats it.