Ski And Board Club

I was 13 years old.He was my first boyfriend. Are school had this ski and board club trips. So we would go and ski together. Our friends were bothering us 2 kiss but we were likee uhhh idk. He was like sorry i don't know if im ready. I was ready. I really wanted to kiss him.  Once we got on the lift are friends in front of us were like OMG  JUST KISS HER ALREADY!!! then my best friend kept saying remember ABC's. i was like SHUT UP!!!! he was like sorry i wanna kiss you but i'm a p-u-s-s-y. i was like oh shut up no yur not. then was he like well are you ready to kiss and i was like yeah i told you that. and he said i wanna kiss but i'm to scared. then are friends were like just kiss already so we were like FINE! then he leaned in and i did 2 i was so nervous. then his lips finally touched mine and we stayed there for a few seconds. i felt like i was flying i was so happy. then are friends were like awwwwwww do it again! i was like omg no! then one of r friends didn't even see the god damn thing. So we were like fine will do it again. So we did. his lips were so soft on mine. it felt so right. later that night he said i was a good kisser. so im all happy now.  were still together. haha but it happend yesterday. haha. Hopefully he kisses me again soon.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

hahaha thanx

awwww i loved the story sorry about the break up

btw me nd this guy broke up likee 3 weeks later :'(