Calm Down, Little Heart. Don't Beat Too Fast...

         I remember my first kiss. It wasn't that long ago, actually. Only a couple months ago to be exact. I was on my first real date. We had been planning it for months. You see, originally I wasn't allowed to date until I was sixteen, however my mother for several reasons said I could date on the 21st of November, exactly three months before my sixteenth birthday. It was November 22nd when we finally went our way, the 21st had some unexpected plans arise that day. 

         He took me to Knuckleheads, a large arcade place about 45 minutes from where we lived. We spent part of the day there. Then we went bowling. Both of us were incredibly terrible at bowling but we had plenty of fun doing it. We went the ***** mall and dawdled around the stores. After that we went to McDonald's and then back to his house. 

         Unfortunately for me the food I had eaten was mightily disagreeing with me. We went into his room like we always did when we hung out. He grabbed a plastic bag with a few mysterious items and left the room, closing the door behind him. I sat there waiting, petting his sister's cat that he had accidentally left in the room with me. He had also given me a PS2 as an early birthday present. He was terrible at waiting to give me presents. I collected some games from him to borrow and waited and waited for him. I was feeling quite sick. I stood up to go visit the restroom, hoping he wouldn't me mind going over the next room to go there. However as soon as I had stood he called my name. I opened the door to see a trail of Hersey kisses leading down the hallways into his sister's room.

          Curiously I followed them to them lead to the beaming boy. I laughed. In a nervous rush he asked me: "Now that I've kissed the floor you walk on, will you go out with me?" What was I to say? I laughed and quickly replied in the affirmative. I hugged him and told him he was so cute. Then I had to excuse myself to use the restroom which my body was so desperately begging for. 

            After that we had to do errands for his father. Driving for the second or third time to do an errand he muttered under his breath that by the end of this night we will have kissed. 


We had 20 minutes to spare when Brian came back from doing his father bidding.

Not knowing what to do for the time remaining we sat on his bed.

We laughed and giggled as the time went by, both of us nervous for the first kiss.

We remarked on how we were like this Chinese couple we had seen on a tv show that were too afraid to sleep with each other and died of massive heart-attacks when they tried.

We'd kiss each other cheeks and nose and whenever we teased each other (mainly me) and hovered over each other's lips, we'd get nervous and pull away.

Butterflies fluttered in both of our bellies as we sat at the edge of the bed, fingers laced together.

His feet shaking from nervousness.

He kissed my cheek, from ear to the corner of my lips.

I slightly turned my head, almost ready to press my lips to his.

But then I stopped and turned back, face red with nervousness.

Again he did it.

This time I turned my head to face him and my lips set themselves upon his.

The kiss lasted only a second or two.

When we parted we giggled. My face turned red and I hid it in his neck.


Now, normally I never would have kissed on the first date. However I had been pursuing this boy for about a year and a half and within that time we had both fallen pretty hard for each other. 

We were now best friends turned lovers. 
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awwww i love the story very cute