I Didnt Think This Would Happen......

I met Dustin on facebook... long story short, i gave him my cell number and i was texting him all night. I did some pretty stupid **** that night.  Giving him my number wasnt stupid, or at least i dont think it was. But i sent him shirtless pictures. Yes im an idoit i know, i dont know why i did it though, im not usually like that. Anyways, we were up all night texting and the next night he ended up calling my house. We talked for hours... I thought he was the nicest guy in the world. And i still do.

Again, long story short... I invited him to my house that next weekend. He met my mom. My mom really liked him and so did i for that matter. We had an awesome night he was really nice and i thought we got along really well. The next day he came over again. We did a bunch of stuff that day... it was great. I thought to myself "I think i love him" but im not so sure what love is... Later that same day my aunt came over.. Dustin and i went in the basement while my aunt &  mom were upstairs talking. I was sitting on the coffee table, he was on the couch across from me. We were sort of just sitting there.. Then the next thing i know hes right there and hes kissing me. I couldnt think right, it was like blackout.  Next thing i knew i was on the couch next to him... We were sitting there for a little while and he wrapped his arms around me. He started putting his hands up my shirt and then in my bra... I didnt know what to say. I was too shocked to even think. We kissed a few more times... I think the whole thing lasted at least 5 minutes until my uncle came downstairs and we had to stop.

After Dustin went home.... I wasnt entirly sure what to think... Does he just like me for my looks?... Is he that type of guy who kisses a girl then goes and brags to his friends and never talks to her again?.... Im not sure about that first thought but i know the second one IS NOT true. The next day we talked and texted each other as usual. Actually we were up until 3 that night if im not mistaken.

This was all so new to me... I have never had a boy like me before and everything was all coming at me so fast.   I still dont know what to think. I know he likes me but does he really like me for me? I want to take things slow... and i told him that. He agrees. I think i really like him but Im not sure what to do.

We talk everyday... and to be honest those moments are the highlight of my day. Its complicated

musicforlife musicforlife
13-15, F
Mar 10, 2010