It Was So Shocked But Wonderful

I was with the  lover of my life,chatting and share the jokes i was so happy,laughing and even more excited ,I was like wow God sent me an angel.Then the next memont there was silence ,we started to look each other bearly noticing how handsome he was,he also notice how beautiful I am,I look at him long time say baby you are so handsome.He didnt say anything he just put his hand on my cheek ,put his finger on my lips and the next he say your lips are so soft.I thank him coz i didnt have a clue about what he was trying to say.the next he was getting closer to my face,so do I.When he kissed I feel hotness in his lips and but he started to amazed me when he put his tongue on my mouth and i started to be cold ,shocked .And I ask myself what the hell he is doing ?I just close my eyes, i continue and then i do what he was doing then  i enjoy it.It was so wonderful and awosome then he stop,I open my eyes  and  he told that Im a good kisser  i didnt believe him because it was my 1st time so how can i be a good kisser at my 1st tme?Its like i was dreaming but i was happening.Even now i still remember that day.

NandiphaW NandiphaW
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010