It Was Ridiculous!

I was only 7 or 8 years old! I had this classmate girl who was living literally next door. She had fallen for a neighbour boy who was an year or two older than we were.

The three of us were staying in her room, talking about stuff. Suddenly I heard her say, "Hey, let's play kissing!"

"Cool! How do we play it?" I asked.

And then she said the two of us should kiss Ivo (the boy).

I was first.

I did not know how to start. I cannot even remember what posture I had then! I remember trying to lie down, and have him over me. Eventually his lips touched mine, without us having to use tongues. It was disgusting enough anyways.

What I remember was that at first I hated the way he smelled.

Pretty funny, isn't it?

xSapphire xSapphire
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010