Plans Changes

I rememeber high school being amazing lots of laughs, lots of dreams and of course my first kiss....

I hard this die hard crush on this guy who i thought was an absolute dream.. you know the type captain of all the sports groups. Academically achieved and the voice that makes you drool. So after spending many months chatting and endless phone calls we decided we were gonna make this official... the kiss ... but little did he know my first kiss. I did enough day dreaming about this  just to make sure it was perfect.

So finally the day arrives a bunch of us headed out to the local lagoon for a braai (only we would do such a thing during winter) and we waited for the right moment to take "THAT WALK" So he finally did and after about 10 minutes when I was finally able to free myself from my friends I followed. But God knows how far away he walked because half and hour later there was no sign of him so I gave up only to return to my friends who all seemed to have taken a walk. So I just sat by the fire after a while Ralph came back with some logs to keep the fire going. We started chatting he was really very funny and before I knew it he planted a kiss on me it was the most gentle and sweetest. I remember him caringly holding my face asking me if I'd like to go out but before I could answer he kissed me again and I think me kissing him back was his answer YES. I remember smiling all the way home - never found out where Fabian got to didn't care. Ralph and I starting seeing each a relationship that lasted 3 years. Boy was he a good kisser.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

awww that was a sweet story. It lasted three years - he must have thought you also a good kisser..?