I was pretty young for my first kiss. I was in preschool and was dating this boy(as much as you can be dating someone while being that young) in 2nd grade who wore a superman cape every day to school. I think he might have had the whole outfit, too. Anyways, at recess we would always play together. I would be Lois Lane and be captured by an invisible bad guy who would take me away to some hidden part of the playground, and then "Superman" would have to find me. When he found me he would battle the invisible bad guy, rescue me and then we would kiss(closed mouthed, closed eyes) once or twice and run off to freedom. I'm not sure how long we "dated", but we always played that game during recess while we were. Ah, little kid love.

NicoleHeart NicoleHeart
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2010