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I'm guessing that the first kiss experience excludes the first kiss given to me by my mother, which I am sorry that I have forgotten by now. As for romantic kisses, I remember it well. I was 12 and her name was Allison. She was my first girlfriend. It was the kind of relationship begun with a note: 'Will you go out with me? Check yes or no.' It had a couple of hand-drawn, appropriately-labeled checkboxes below. She checked 'Yes.'

Our first date was delightful. I went to her house. Her parents had gotten a new car with power adjustable seats. We sat in the car for a while, making the seats go up, down, backwards, and forwards. Then we went in to watch TV for a while. Soon it was time for dinner, and her mom politely told me to go home. Allison leaned in for a kiss as we stood at the door saying our goodbyes. I got the feeling that I wasn't her first. I remember how delightfully soft her lips were against mine. I was hooked. I am not sure I have ever or ever will have a kiss as innocent or sweet as that again.

I don't think we had another date, or even another kiss. The cruel rigours of Grade 6 peer pressure soon tore us apart. The memory of that first kiss will linger on my lips as a very special one, though, even as others arrive to blanket it.
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i like your story. i kissed a 4th grade boy when i was in 3rd grade.

That story was quite refreshing :)

Wow my first kiss was gross! HAHA..at least you remember yours as sweet.I hope youve had better ones since then..that would suck<br />
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charityjh<br />

aww sthat sweet , i remeber my first kiss it was when i was about 7 with a girl call rice we was that shy at that age so no person saw us kissing we use to go into the woodlands area were we used to live just to have a kiss and i agree with you on this nothing can ever beat that first kiss i ever had with rice

innocent and fresh like the first ray of the sun brushing the beauty of nature, embracing the whole just in one touch.

aww! cute story :)