There Were Skyrockets!!!

I was 14 and her name was Kelly also 14 years old. My family and I were at the lake camping for the Bicentennial weekend back in 1976. We had been there a few days, when another family pulled their camper into the site next to us.

I'd always been on the shy side always getting tongue tied around the pretty girls in my school, so when Kelly came over and introduced herself, I was like, "uh, umm, err, ah", a total dork. But this cute little blue eyed blonde girl was nice and continued to talk to me and she invited me to go along with her for a bikeride to this little store on an errand for her mom, the store being about a mile away. She put me at ease on that bike ride though, asking a ton of questions and telling me about herself.

The next couple days we spent a lot of time together, even though I was still in kind of a dorkmode, she didn't seem to mind, and we went riding bike or hiking through the paths in the park. Sometimes the pesky little brothers and sisters would be along, other times we'd be by ourselves. Going to the beach, even though I couldn't swim, we just sat in the sand soaking up the sun. Every once in awhile she'd go take a swim. I was embarrassed when I told her I couldn't swim, that first time she asked me to go swimming with her. At night our families would have a big campfire with some other area campers, just sitting around talking, laughing, the grownups having their beers or cocktails, the kids drinking soda's, roasting marshmallows and listening to this AM station playing music.

July 4th, the Bicentennial, the park put on this big parade on the lake with all these boats decorated and lit up in lights, then at the end had this big fireworks display. Kelly and I somehow seperated ourselves from our families, I'm not sure how that happened, we just did. We were sitting there, in the shadows, watching the fireworks when Kelly took my hand, said "I like you", and her lips were on mine before I knew what was happening and gave me my first kiss. Oh the taste of strawberry chapstick and the smell of suntan lotion always brings me back to that moment. :)

I would never see Kelly again after we all went our seperate ways the next day her family livng about 500 miles from my hometown. My last vision of her would be of her in her family's station wagon as they drove away, she looked back and gave me a wave and a smile. There was a promise of a letter from her that never came. :(

I kinda wonder sometimes what Kelly remembers of that Bicentennial weekend and if she remembers me. It would be cool if her memories of that weekend were as nice as mine.
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Apr 9, 2010