Kids Just Being Kids

There was this new kid in my neighborhood, which at the time was unheard of. He was two years older than my best friend, my neighbor, and I. But still hung out with us all summer long. We were in third grade, he was if fifth. One summer night we were all laying out in my backyard looking up at the stars. Around July, my best friend started paying this guy, our new neighbor, a dollar to kiss him. He kissed her, she got a dollar, end of story. It was her first kiss which I thought was crazy. You know, I wanted my first kiss to really mean something. That night though was different. We walked my best friend hom,e, which included jumping over the fence. After we dropped her off, I walked him across the street to his house. There, in the middle of our street, he pulled me gently by the arm and before I knew what was happening he kissed me. It was actually really romantic now that I think about it, and lasted A LOT longer than the kisses he gave my friend, plus I didn't have to pay him. At the time though, I was mostly offended. I had told him I didn't want my first kiss to be meaningless and so the fact that he had the nerve to just do that to me. I pushed him away shortly after the kiss and we got into an argument about it. He kept saying that he wanted but I didn't believe him and still don't to the day. He moved that December after some family issues. Ironically, the friend at the time entered middle school going from guy to guy when I have yet to have a boyfriend. Guess paying a guy to kiss you can make all the difference.

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awww my gawsh. soo sad.