Gone Fishin Pt 1

It was earily in my senior year, school was going good, i left my bf to concentrate on school but when the stress settled in i knew i needed attention. So i started pleasuring myself daily. One day i was in the showers in gym and Lacie came up behind me, wether she saw me ************ or not she never said anything about it. She went to the shower next to mine we showered together. No innapropreate touching. Lacie is my bff so i couldnt like her sexually.

The next day in math she handed me a note:
Sarah, Lindsey, and I are goin camping this weekend. We all want you to join us.

That friday we all met at the local minimart, piled into Sarahs car and headed up to the woods. It was about a four hour ride and we were having a blast.

When we got to our campsite i was in awe. It was so remote we had to stash the car and hike the last mile but it was well worth it. A small glade full of flowers and little trees, a patch of dirt big enough for our tent and a fire in the middle. We set up camp and started relaxing. I chcked my phone, nothing. No signal at all. It was heaven, me and my three bffs in the woods getting away from our city world.

As the sun went down we started getting hungry, so i went into the tent and found the two food chests. I opened the first to see berries, bananas, salids, and all kinds of healty foods. I opened the second and O.O.... It was full of sex toys and lube. Everything from handcufs to leather outfits.

"what do you.think?"
I turned to see lindsey standing there.
"um.... Im not sure what to say Lis".
She came over to me slowly, wrapped an arm around me and leaned in to kiss me. My body was going crazy, i tilted.my head and kissed her. My **** exploded, i wanted her, i wanted her now. I grabbed her shorts and pulled them off. I was a little nervous but i didnt care. We ripped eachothers clothes off and fell onto one of the air mattresses. It was bliss, soft kissing, touching, and tonguing. I didnt realize the noise we were making till i opened my eyes and saw lacie and sarah standing there. I nuged lis and showed her we were caught. Lis rolled off of me and beckoned sarah to come . She practically flew into her arms and they started going at it.

I looked.back at lacie. She was starring at me, i could tell she wanted me. So i got up.and led her into the other room of the tent. We sat down on the bed and chatted for a bit. Finally she climbed on top of me and pulled her dress off. she bent down and started kissing my neck. In between moans i asked her why she wanted me.
She replied, because ive always wanted you. And seeing you in the shower the other day was my breaking point.

She kissed me and i melted into her. We made love all night long. She was a virgin as i was and we did everything we could before falling asleep in eachothers arms.

wabbithunter wabbithunter
18-21, F
Sep 22, 2012