Practice Makes Perfect

I've read some of these stories and people's experiences seem so different from mine. There was nothing sexy about my first time with a girl. LOL sad but true. My first year in college, I roomed with three girls. I had a roommate and there were two other girls living in the room next to mine. I hated my roommate so I always spent time with the other girls. I was always in their room. After getting to know them more and becoming friends I developed a huge crush on one of them. She was the sexiest Latina I'd ever seen. But she was straight...or so I thought. One night we all decided to watch horror movies. After the movies, I convinced my sexy Latina friend that I was really scared and couldn't sleep by myself that night. Of course it was all just a part of a stupid plan I came up with so she would let me sleep in her bed. Still can't believe it actually worked. We're lying next to each other, awkwardly staring at the ceiling and all these thoughts are going through my head. "Should I kiss her?" "Will she kiss me back?" "What if she gets mad?" Eventually I stopped listening to the voices in my head. I leaned over and kissed her gently. Her lips were so soft. We started making out. I had never been with any girls, so I had no idea what I was doing or what I was supposed to do. We start making out. And somehow I got the brilliant idea to put my hand down her shorts. I slowly slide my hand down to her breasts, her belly, I linger at her belly button wondering if I should dare go any further. Before I could think, my hand had taken on a mind of its own. I was in her blue boy shorts. I had no idea what to do. I fondled for a little while then attempted to finger her. I failed miserably. I couldn't find the hole! She jumped up and asked "what are you doing?" I was mortified. I couldn't even respond. I just turned on my belly and went to sleep. We didn't talk about it the next day. But now we are dating and apparently I'm a beast in the sheets because she's stuck with me for two years. I had a lot of practice after that night.
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Jan 14, 2013