we met online and then we started talking on the phone and then we had a first date. we were soooo compatable, we liked the same shows, the same movies, even the same color. on the first date, he showed up with a rose, and we walked around my home town. we soon had our first kiss and he asked me to be his girlfriend. that was in november. around february things got a little cold. he started not doing things that used to do. I gave him a white rose (his favorite) from the florist and a sweet card. he looked at the rose and put it on top of a pile of papers in his house and that is where it remained for the rest of our relationship which ended in may. the card was also cast aside. he would tell me about girls that he worked with and how he thought that they had a crush on him. he sounded quite proud of himself. he took me to my first hockey game (the san jose sharks was our favorite team) a day before my birthday. we spent the night in san jose in the worst hotel room ever and we had the worst sex ever and to top it off we had the worst seats ever. we went to sharks' team store in the arena and I caught him flirting with the cashier. he never cared for our anniversary. I'd say, "happy anniversary" and he'd say, "uh huh" march, april, and may were bad. it ended a day before our anniversary in may with him dumping me over the phone.
cassandrathethinkerbleedsteal cassandrathethinkerbleedsteal
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2007