How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

I'm 23. I've loved and been in a relationship with one girl - the love of my life. She was my first love. We've been together 5 years - we've loved each other with all our hearts. I am not sure if anyone reading this would understand the sense of what happened with us, because none of my friends or family really understands it - sometimes I myself wonder if I was being too foolish or really wise. For 5 years we've had the most romantic of times - like the kind we would usually only read in books or watch in a movie, but along with it, we also had major downs that kept recurring. She was my world and there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. All I wanted was to do things that would make her smile even if it meant just acting like a clown sometimes.Believe me, her smile was indeed heavenly. However, somewhere down the road we went off-track...for the last 2 years of our relationship, we had more quarrels and each time a tear drop fell from her eyes.. I melted in this day, it burns me that, whatever the reason was, I played a role in making her cry. I just couldn't stand it and after trying for nearly a year to change myself in whatever way I could to make myself somehow better and not give her another reason to be hurt, I realized I'd never be the kind of guy she wanted. I realized that either I'd feel miserable not being able to be myself or she'd be miserable being with a kind of guy she can't stand. So I took a stand and we broke up. Its been a year now. Yet, the love we shared was beyond our differences. Our break up was EXTREMELY hard on both of us. I know I still love her and every love song I hear is a song about her. I live every day of my life with a broken heart - knowing there is the one girl I will always love but we'd never be right for each other. I live with a broken heart - for I cannot stop loving her nor can I make her mine. I've tried moving on, forgetting her, leaving it behind as a closed chapter, repressing memories of her and denying my own feelings towards - and yet here I am, after 14 months of my last contact with her, still thinking about her, loving her and wishing things were different - I still have a broken heart. How do you mend a broken heart?
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For many, time does heal. You may hate to hear this, but for some it doesn't. She may be with you your whole life. Don't try to find someone who will make you forget doesn't work. The hardest thing is if she keeps coming back into your life, it will just ignite old flames. 14 months is too long. You may not like to hear this, but I would suggest therapy. It's not a bad thing. I'm the last one who thought I'd see a therapist. It did help. My old love kept coming back into my life....35 years worth. It ruined relationships and a marriage. I made her into a saint, a perfect person, my only real hope of true love. She is just a normal woman...well except that at 52 she may be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen....see. don't let this happen to you.

Time does heal. I have felt the same as well. One day you wake up and u are just over the person. Try to keep busy. The worst is to dwell on the person that you had strong feelings for. Or you can try to talk to her again, but u stated u cannot be what she wants. Well, you don't need to change for someone. Then u will be unhappy. good luck