My First True Love

I remember my first love with fond memories. She was a lovely lady and she we got on so well together.  I believe that we do have our soulmates out there and I know that my first love was my closest soul mate in my life.   Unfortunately, our lives went in different directions and we split.  A decision that was made but regretted. It was a number of years later that I decided that I would try and find her, not to start a new relationship as I had married by that point, but to get in touch to see what she had done with her life. It took longer than planned to track her down and unfortunately it wasn't the outcome I was expecting.  I found out that she had died from cancer a year earlier.  I regret letting her slip out of my life completely as I would have liked to have been there for her while she was ill.  It has been a strange experience as I have gone through the emotions of losing a loved one but we hadn't been together for a number of years.  I look back at the time we shared and it was some of the happiest years of my life and nothing can take those away.  There is always a place in my heart for her memory and it will stay with me until I die.
ALonelyWalk ALonelyWalk
41-45, M
Jul 21, 2011