My First Love

I was 12 and she was just a few months older. I saw her and I fell in love with her.
I think at that age you don't know that much about life yet, especially about love. But what I felt then was undeniable and I have never felt anything like that since. I have had "crushes" since, and if I hadn't experienced that first love I would have probably thought that those crushes was like being in love. But it cant begin to compare.

I remember little things, not everything. I don't even remember a lot of conversation but I remember the feeling I had and what it did to me very well. I remember a necklace she bought me with her name on it, in the shape of a heart. I remember some of the notes she would give me. She would put a lipstick kiss on the note, and the notes had a distinct smell that was just heaven. I guess she put some of her perfume on it. Even months later the notes would still smell of her. How I wish I still had some of those things from back then.

We were together for about a year and a half. At the end that feeling of being in love was just gone, it was nothing that happened nothing she did or said, that feeling just went away slowly. I guess it cant stay that strong for that long. You somehow get used to it and it dies out. In the end I just cherish the whole experience.
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And here I thought love at 12? Must be something else,but no it had to be I can't describe what I felt for her if I tried my head would fill with so many emotions secretly too with her dad knowing it all went to hell 2 weeks before school started. I never found out what drove her away from me she gave me multiple reasons all different and unrelated I was heartbroken and anytime I hear or see the word love i see her in my mind it's crazy but I can't forget her

i was 12 also i've been in love with this boy for more than a year knowing that he probably would never want to have anything with me, he never even looked at me so i was stupid enough to think he would ever fall in love with me! but a year later (thank god for facebook) we started middle school and he got a facebook. he started talking to me a lot more and giving eye contact in school, he finally asked me out and we fall in love ever sense i dont think it was really love because we were so young but we stayed together for a year people made rumors hated us because we were the only 2 people that could keep such a long relationship. but we kept it together he bought me clothes, jelwery, everything! we broke up and he dated a new girl i was depressed for months. but the strange thing is even how long its been he always gives me that same look he did when he was with me that smile, and i still have feelings for him the girl he was dating was my best friend so i couldnt do anything about it. but i guess your first love never dies.

i was only 13 when i met my ex..... anyways.... we spend next 3 years with each other... he went abroad for studies... and were totally depending on internet to communicate with each other.... later we got apart... like nothing ever happened between us.... i really don't know what was that... but that relationship still lives inside me.. i still remember our last meeting when he came on vacation.... we spent few hours at beach and i lost my self there....

your story is so sweet...even u r just a child at that time...i could feel it...

we were 7th grade and i was called to the office to be there escort for the day in a new school<br />
<br />
and we never stopped being with each other<br />
<br />
a few thing changed in 8 th grade and her mother gave me a new home and family to live with even <br />
<br />
know how much weloved each other<br />
<br />
we never stopped looking for ways to let theother know we loved them we got married a littleover 12.5 to the school but not for the reason many other kids then we were not in a family way that would never happen for us and we knew it<br />
<br />
but she was killed just a few months over 19 and just days after we had been started our 6 years as man and wife

You got married at 12? That's interesting. Thats a very sad story.
Do you still think about her a lot? so many years later?
Did you get married again?

Apparently, she got killed.