Young Love

I was very young when I met my first love.  I was only 8 and in the third grade, so was he.  We attended St. Mathew Lutheran school, a perocial school in the Houston area.  He was the cutest little boy.  His name was Abiatha.  We "went steady" from 3rd grade through the summer between 5th & 6th grades.  I was really smitten with him and got a lot of teasing from family & friends because of it.  I remember going to one of his birthday parties at his house.  Another time, we went to his grandparent's house.  While at his grandparent's I got my first kiss.  There was a game room in the garage area and we went in there, held hands and kissed.  I also remember sitting on a yellow couch thing and making out a bit.  It was very sweet, except for his younger cousin who kept pestering us.  After 4th grade, I moved away, but we still kept in touch.  We even went to Astroworld during the summer between 5th & 6th grades with my mom and sisters.  We had a lot of fun together.  I'm not sure what happened, or why we lost touch.  I think it had to do with distance.  28 years later I still think about him often.  I wonder how he's doing and what he became.  You never do forget your first love.
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He got a sex change operation he......I mean she goes by Abi. Be careful what you name your kids.

And what is that supposed to mean? o.O hhmmmm?