First Love, First Date

We had been flirting the summer before junior year. We were in the same performing group so we had a lot of summer practices. I had never had a boyfriend or anybody interested in me really, so I thought he was just goofing around. On Friday at school he said he was going to take me out "tomorrow". I figured he was kidding, but he kept talking about it like it was real. That night after the football game there was a dance and he came and found me and we danced 4 slow songs and he told me he loved dancing with me :-)

On Saturday, September 16, 1978 he called and we went on our first date. We went to see the movie "Heaven Can Wait" and on our way to dinner we were stopped at the stop sign at the corner of Holmes and Stabler. I couldn't believe all of this was actually happening. He was so cute and charming and popular! And he was sitting in the car next to me! I looked over at him and he just leaned over a bit and kissed me--my first kiss was our first kiss! It was the most amazing kiss of my life. It was soft and sweet and tender and I could actually feel how much he cared. I was stunned that I could tell all of that from one kiss.

We went on the restaurant for dinner, it was called Casa Nova's, makes me smile even now. We had a wonderful pizza dinner and we talked about what our dreams were. We both loved performing and we both wanted to do that forever. I remember he wanted to go to New York and I wanted Hollywood :-) After we were done, he noticed a small boy next to us who was getting bored and complaining he was hungry. We still had some pizza left so Steve asked if the boy wanted some. I thought that was so neat!

In the car in the parking lot we talked a bit more while the car warmed up and then he leaned over to kiss me again. I knew from the second kiss that we were in for a great romance. He could make me feel beautiful and lovely and when he kissed me I literally felt like melting. I have never felt that same way about any man after that. Our hands, our bodies, our hearts were so perfect for one another. We knew each other so completely almost from that moment on. It was the best night of my life and I never wanted it to end. To this day I can still picture the huge tree out the front window of the car and the color of the sky.

Exactly one week later was my 16th birthday and he brought me a big white box with a big red bow. Inside were one dozen long stemmed red roses! On September 22 he had told me he loved me, it took me three more days to admit it :-)
But I knew I loved him with all of my heart and all these years later he still has a piece of my heart and that love. I know it will just always be that way.
ldsgirl923 ldsgirl923
51-55, F
Feb 21, 2012