She Said "you Have The Prettiest Eyes"

Well first off I lied about my age I am 16 and I am talking to a girl who is 17. She is a senior and I am a junior. I like her she likes me and I remember the first day she spoke to me. Saying you have the prettiest eyes I was shocked. Even more shocked when I found out she was taken by some guy five states away. So over the year we talked more and more and fell to like eachother yet she stays committed to the other guy and I keep telling her I don't want to split them up (but if they do I wouldn't be sad). And I ask her to just keep me in mind. In 20 days she will graduate and I do hope she remembers me when she becomes single. Because everything about her drives me wild and I know she likes me. She is and always will be my first crush.
TheSilentWoodsman TheSilentWoodsman
18-21, M
May 7, 2012