I Don't Love Him Any More But I'm Not Over Him Yet.

I was 15 when I had my first love, I'm 17 now. We broke up 14 months ago because it was a long distance relationship and it hurt us too much not being able to see each other. I loved him so much I wanted it to work and he's the only one I've ever really loved. We was together for a year. Well, I say a year but we broke up the day before our one year anniversary. I don't talk to him any more. He's got a new life now though, he's got a new girlfriend and twin sons. It confuses me how he says he loves me and I'm the only one he ever wanted but he cheated on me and got this other girl pregnant. I've had boyfriends since him but never felt the same love as I did for him. I know you can't rush these things, I'm still young and I don't love him any more but I'm not over how he made me feel and I'm not over what we could of been. I still think of what things would be like if we stayed together. I guess I'll never know.
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That's so rough. I feel that. I went through something really similar. I feel the same way. I hope we both find someone who we can love again.

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