Im Young But I Know This Was Love

I remember this so well is name is Brian we met in 6th grade he was the boy every girl wanted one day we found our self alone talking he called me the next night we talked for a month he asked me out so we went out for a year and a half we broke up for a reason I don't want to say but we lost contact for a couple of months I remember I first saw him again I got so weak in my knees he was in 8th grade by now we kept eye contact for awhile we started kissing in public then that day he was all I thought about we started getting close again we went to 9th grade and I decided that I was ready I wanted him to be my first I remember laying there so scared wanting to back out but I knew I wanted it I love him I thought that moment was perfect 2 months later he cheated and all I could feel was my world coming down that happened almost 4 months ago but he is my first love and my first everything we to this day remain friends I could never stay mad at him even though he did me wrong
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Power To You.