My First Real Love <3

his name was chris. he was 22, i was 17, almost 18. it sounds clichéd, but when i first saw him, i thought to myself "he's going to be mine someday." (and apparently, he felt the same way, because friends told me after we started going out that he had pointed to me as i walked through the door and said "she's the one.") we never really talked at all, but we had a couple of mutual friends, and saw each other a couple of times through november and december of 2010.
january 2011 rolled around, and my boyfriend had just broken up with me. to cheer me up, a friend set me up on a 'blind date'. she kept telling me that i knew who it was, but wouldn't tell me anything else. i was so surprised when we pulled up at the movie theater and there was chris, leaning against his truck with a big smile on his face. sparks flew that night, and the chemistry was spot-on. that night began one of the most meaningful relationships of my life--and he will always hold the biggest piece of my heart.

everything moved so quickly. we fell in love right on the spot, and by may 2011, he'd asked me to be his wife. needless to say, my parents weren't huge fans of THAT idea, but they told me to do what i thought was best for me. we began planning a wedding for late 2012. our romance deepened and grew over the summer, and i just knew in my heart he was 'the one'.
but as fall crept closer, i was having to deal with other things. my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the year, and august/september brought a fast decline in his health. i panicked and broke up with chris, focusing my attention on my dad. dad passed away in mid-september, and for two months, i stayed in the house, unable to motivate myself to do much else. then a friend called and invited me to come stay with her for a few days. when i got there, there was chris, once again. we wound up talking all through the night. we held each other as i cried, and he teared up, remembering my dad. by the next morning, we were back together. we lasted through january 2, 2012, when life took us separate ways.
i've dated a couple of people since, but nobody can measure up to him. i loved him with all my heart--in both that innocent 17-and-life-is-a-cakewalk way, and in a more mature, thoughtful, adult way. he taught me so much in our times together, and he was a huge part of my life. i still think about him almost every day, and i miss him so much. sometimes i wonder if we'll ever see each other again, and if we do, what that meeting will bring. it always seems like he turns up exactly when i need him most, so i have faith that life has something more for us in the future. (:
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Never give up hope , my first love came back to me 8 years ago, unfortunately I was married with children and couldn't destroy their lives so let him go again. I have faith that one day we will find each other again ...