My First And Only True Love

When I first saw him I thought about how he will never get a girlfriend. What a weird kid he was in seventh grade...such a tool for a 12 year old. By the end of the seventh grade my bestfriend had a crush on him and I didn't know why..until one night when we finally met at a school dance. We danced together the last slow song and I finally realized what my friend saw in him. It was crazy like out of no where I had such strong feelings for this boy I once hated. By the next week we ha started dating and he was my first kiss. We didn't last very long only a month before I broke up with him, but that was just the beginning. The next year we began dating again and once again I role his heart. I knew how much I loved him cause I was dating other people and none of them made me feel the way he did and what surprised me most was that he felt the same way. I took advantage of him in a way, I always knew he would be there for me and thats why I never worried when we broke up I always knew we were meant to be together and that we will always stay together. Finally, in 10th grade we started dating again an stayed together...we knew that we were old enough to talk things out and make it work. The feelings I had for him were amazing. I can't even begin to describe it. Even though we had been together so long everytime he asked me to see him I got butterflies. Being with him made me just want to hold him and never let go...I knew eventually we would have to and once high school ended we broke up and went separate ways. I still believe that fate will brig us together again he's the only guy I have ever felt such a secure and amazing bond with. Someday we will meet again and I cannot wait.
Klhadley Klhadley
18-21, F
Jun 18, 2012