Second Time Unlucky...

Looks like I'm back here.
Things were going great...
Or so I thought.
We got back together.
I couldn't have been happier.
The girl I loved.
The first and only girl have ever wanted to love.
Or will ever love.
And what happens?
I **** it up.
I get overprotective.
I try to check up on her.
Everything blew up in my face.
I tried to check up because her friend has a reputation of bringing the worst attention. I was told she pulled 5 or 6 guys while they were out.
What is anyone supposed to think?!

It was the final straw.
The final straw after she told me that I love her more than she loves me.
And that she is having trouble seeing us together in the future.

The final nail in my coffin.







Into my heart.

So once again.
I sit here.
And hurt.
Knowing that this would be the last time that I would get to hold her.
The last time I would and could say that she was mine.
As I write this I have the horrible feeling that she will forget about me.
I'll be forgotten and then and only then.
I will cease to exist.
Because in her mind and in her eyes, I was someone.
I was the person who made her smile.
And the person who made her laugh.
I wiped away tears.
I comforted.
I kissed.
When the final thought slips from her memory.
I will disappear.
Fade away.
Into nothingness.
Because without her...

I am noone.
I am nothing.
I do not exist.
FransB FransB
18-21, M
Jun 24, 2012