I Will Never Forget

I was nine at the time and was just getting interested in girls anyway there was this girl that I really liked who was in the same year as me in school and I got the courage to ask her to be my gf. I was over the moon when she said sure see you later.

I went home and got dressed smart (or what I thought of as smart at the time) the next thing I know she's knocking on the door. we hit it off straight away I think it was more of a friendship really. All that summer we were together we even went to each others house's for food so we did not have to be apart.

Then one day she came around to my house crying her parents were moving away to Canada and she would not be able to see me anymore. We said that we would write to each other and we did but then we lost contact I later found out that she had died in a plane crash when she was 26.

I often think about her and what she would be doing now if she was still alive. I don't think back and feel sad I am happy that she was in my life even if it was just for a short time.
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Some sweet memories to have. Sorry for your loss.

Thx :)

ur a weird and sad guy

Why am I weird lol

what a beautiful story, perhaps your life was forever changed by an Angel

Thx maybe it was

that is too freakin sad . . . I am sorry my friend . . . yet you are not . . . good for you . . . for appreciating the moments you did have together . . . very cool . . . not everyone gets them and even when they do and something like this happens they get to plugged into the negatives about it instead of seeing the positives and celebrating that . . . like I said . . . good for you . . .

She must of come into my life for a reason that's what I believe

indeed . . . everything happens for a reason . . . and that's what I believe . . . thanx for sharing my friend . . . 8D . . .

Very sorry dear,it was your time for her being in your hands for that time. Rest in Peace Girl.