My First Love...

A lot of people had their own happy memories with their first love. But I wish I was like them.

I had the most complicated situation. She was my best friend and she was dating my other best friend. They were having some problems at that time. And I became their bridge. But as the saying goes, "Bridges always fall." So there I was, I fell in love with my best friend. I knew at that time, if they were able to talk and patch things up. I knew that I have to leave them alone. To pretend that I love her only as a sister.

One night, she called and asked me the most difficult and heart breaking question, "Who is that person you're saying that you love?" Of course, I can't tell her "YOU. You're the one that I love." Because that will make the situation more complicated. So I lied. I told her she doesn't know her and she doesn't need to know. There goes her next question, "What are we?" I don't know what to tell her at that time. So I acted as if I don't know anything and told her, "What are we? We're best friends!" She suddenly cried. And I asked her why. She told me how much it hurts her to hear my other best friend crying because of her. She loves her so much that it hurts me. So I comforted her and told her to talk to her. When she hanged up, I suddenly felt something hot trickling down my face. And then I realized at that moment that I just had the worst first love experience ever.

This happened 2 years ago. And to tell you the truth? I can't tell you that I already moved on. Because I still love her. Yes, I had the worst first love experience. But I never regretted loving her.
abiemaeee abiemaeee
13-15, F
Aug 11, 2012