A Broken Heart With Some Pieces..!!!!!!!

Hi Friends,

This is a story about my GF whom I love the most but never could get entrance in her life. This story is about 5 yrs ago when I saw a Girl who entered my heart in such a way that I can't express it. Not only me but nobody can express it, whosoever is in love for the first time. All times, it was her thoughts in my mind - whether day or night, thinking about  how could I let her in my life. I liked her a lot because of her simple nature, no attitude and simple living style. Daily, I used to follow her, after the classes used to get over. I fought with many boys who usually followed her. It's the tendency of every boy to fight for his beloved GF. As the days passed and the years went by, I was not sure if she loved me or not, so, I casually asked her friends coz I was  disturbed  in my studies. I was not able to focus well. Finally, one day I confronted her and asked for her feelings for me and as most Indian girls reply, she too said, "NO."    I was totally mad thinking how could she say so. No. But so what? Nothing big has happened, I told myself. Only she negated to my proposal. The Days went by as usual and I kept following my regime to follow her. But nothing happened. Results were declared. My God! I *** ****** up..!!!! And her result was better than me..!!! I decided not to follow her or see her..!!! But what happened in the end - "DIL HAI KI MANTA HI NAHI"...!!!!   One day, she disappeared alike rats disappear in their holes...!!!
Days passed by. Years passed by .......!!!!!  ...................................!!! AFTER 3 YEARS.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was drunk last night and just opened Facebook on my mobile where I found the same Girl. Immediately, I sent her a friend request stating that - You know me. {Tum Mujhe Jaantee HO} I felt pleased and thanked God for I felt my dream was going to be true soon. Next day, she accepted my friend request and wrote back that she recognized me. I was very happy and again sent the text stating - How are u.. to which she replied that she was fine..!!! But her next text shocked me coz she mentioned that I troubled her a lot during college days. Keeping my calm, I reverted that people change with time...!!!
I asked for her contact numbers to which she refused coz as per her, mine was some fake account. So, I also refused to share my number due to the same reason.  Let it be....
On the day of Raksha Bhandan, I shared my number with her and she texted me instantaneously. I also replied back..!!!
Days and months passed by - almost 6 months. I thought she was getting attracted towards me..!!! We became best friends and  discussed all joys n sorrows with each other.   One day, I asked her if she has a boyfriend.. and she replied - Yes.
Initially, I took it lightly but it was real. I was shocked when I heard again. I had to take 2beers,2vodkas Down..to take the news!!!!
I was confused as the same college days were getting repeated.
Finally, I thought to propose her. With the onset of the fresh day, I was all set to propose her on the Bus stand right at 12.33 noon while she was leaving for Pune..!!!
And what happened - the answer was again a  "NO"..!!!!
And again 3beers with one large whiskey down with my friends that night..!!!
I thought she would not talk with me now but the next day, I was shocked to see her call and as usual - what girls say, so, the same said she that she was sorry but we could still be good friends to which I replied quietly ...OK...and  disconnected the call..!!!!
Days kept passing by.We kept meeting casually but nothing much could happen ..!!!!
I am still waiting for her..!!!
I am in her town and I have called her 10 times, texted her 16 times but no replies so far. So let us see what happens next ..!!!
I will continue it later because what I have told u was the story till date and what happens next, I would update as and when it happens!!!

Friends, I need your suggestions:  What should I do to be able to get her love..!!!!
Please do reply.  It might be possible that because of "YOU", I would be able to have love in my life..!!!   _/|_

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if u lov some one let it free if it was yours it will come back to u but if it doesnt then it wasnt made for you.

If u the praying person then pray and leave it in God's hands.
Do not message her on the phone all the time or phone her all the time as this will irritate her and she won't want to keep hearing from you.
Be friends and be the best friend you know how to be as that is more attractive to a woman.
Kindness and understanding is more important and that draws a woman to you.


You know what i believed in "if u love something let it go, if it comes back to u it's yours , if it doesn't it never " first time when he left me, i thought he is not mine so only he is gone out... but when he came back, i believed that he is mine so only again he is back.... this is all that made me mad....
now on my experience , i have concluded that "if its your, it will never leave you alone no matter what ever happens, if once its gone, let it go dont invite again and dont create a reason for you getting hurt"...

Thanks for giving such lovable answer...!!!

"if u love something let it go, if it comes back to u it's yours , if it doesn't it never was
never show a woman that u cant live without her even if u cant, be strong and look for another, dont try to live in torture , certainly someone else is fond of u and hopes she has an opportunity to be yours , give it a try!!!