My First Love, Yeah It Still Is My First Love.

My first love hasn't ended.

It was on a friday night when i got off an airplane coming home form a 2 year vacation at my dad's house. My mom, my sister, and my grandparents were waiting for me, standing there as i see them right across from them i remember dropping all my things and running up to them missing them so much. It been 2 years since i have seen my friends, my family, everyone. I come home and i go outside to find all of my friends that have moved away. i meet this guy, yeah he's cute, he was amazing. We talked and hung out, he even showed me new things that have been built since i have been gone. He was nice, funny, cute, yeah i thought i fell in love, but i didn't. He was a jerk. Why? Because he started hugging me and kissing me and the next day its like he didn't know me, at all. So 2 weeks past and i met another boy. He looked exactly like the first boy that i met. They both had the same looks, same personality, same height, same hobbies, and both drank and smoked. The first boy, yeah he was 15, but the second he was 18. I liked the second one, a lot. He did the same thing to me, he hugged me, kissed me, held me. Its like they're twins, but their not. but this guy wasn't a jerk, he actually asked me out. From that day it turned into a week, then a month, then 3 months, and then it was 4 months. I fell in love, psychologically they say that if you like someone for less than 4 months, if it lasts than 4 months you're in love. Yeah, i guess I'm in love, you know why? Because if i had left the first guy i wouldn't be married to my husband from this day forth. We have been together for 7 years now. l love him, he's amazing.
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i hoope its the same from other side and hope he doesnt feel that the first one had a great escape.