And I Still Love Her Today

She was my beautiful orchestra teacher whom I adored from the day I met her. There was somthing in her smile and the way she talked that just made me love her so much. I remeber so many of the things she told me, but Not much of what she taught me. I remember the way she laughed, and the beautiful way she played the violin. I think of her to this day, and I hope I see her once again.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I remember my first love. She was a girl in my kindergarten class. By the end of the year we were "engaged." She even gave me a ring (it was a plastic ring and I kept it for years). Since that kindergarten fed into a different school system I lost track of her until high school. She went to our arch rival. We got back together for a while but nothing came of it.

Sweet ;)