He Was Too Old For Me.

I mean WAY too old for me, and it was almost 2 years ago (age 14), but of course i can still remember everything in exact detail. It was getting darker, but the sky was still light pink, and whispy little clouds were floating along, painted orange by the sun. He drove, going who knows where. I wasnt paying attention- my eyes were closed and my head was on his shoulder. I was finding it hard not to fall asleep.

The ground grew rocky, and i knew we were on a dirt road. I peeked one eye open as he pulled into the parking lot of a small old playground, then closed it again as he shut off the engine. Not another soul around for miles. Just us and our love. "Alyssa, princess," he murmered in my ear. "We're here." I smiled and buried my face in his chest for a moment. He gripped me tight in a warm hug, and kissed me. It was more gentle than usual. We got out of the car and he pulled out some old frisbee hoops.

To my surprise, he wanted to play a game of frisbee golf. We laughed and ran and danced our way across the green field next to the playground, tossing the frisbees for the pole, trying to best each other. At some point, we were arguing playfully over which of us looked cooler while thowing the discs, and i stood on my tippy-toes and gave him a peck on his lips mid-setence. He smiled at me, and kissed me again, argument forgotten. It was the opposite of our kiss in the car. He grabbed me, holding me in a tight embrace, and kissed me hard, almost hungrily. I was surprised for a moment, and then kissed him back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, running my fingers through his hair.

He pulled back and grinned. "Come with me, love." At that, i would have followed him anywhere; the edge of the world didnt seem so far when we were together. We held hands on the walk back to the car, and he opened the trunk to get a blanket and a notebook. We settled in the grass under a wild-looking tree, and he opened his notebook to a poem, "She." It was beautiful, about a young girl torn between growing up and staying innocent. The irony kills me now.

We laid on the blanket together, looking at the sky for a time, and i closed my eyes again, head on his chest. He whispered, "You're so incredibly beautiful. I wouldnt trade you for the world." I sat up, leaning over him, and we kissed. For a moment it was slow and sweet. Just a moment. We heated up, his hands roaming my body and pulling me closer. We tore at each others clothing as we had done so many times before, but this time, I knew what i wanted.

He rolled, pinning me under him, and i smiled. We were now both naked, and i felt him, hot, between my legs. I licked his upper lip and he moaned. "Alyssa, may I?"

I nodded, whispered "I love you." He fumbled in his wallet, and then pulled out a condom. Looking into my eyes, making me blush, he slowly entered. I still cringe at the pain. "Stop, stop!"

"I'm so sorry! I didnt want to hurt you, do you want me to..?" He began to pull out, but the pain was too much and i made him hold still. Maybe it was the difference in the size of our bodies, but a few tears betrayed me before i was ready to keep going. I kissed him and said, "I'm yours."

I didnt just love him, I was *in* love with him.
MissAmsr MissAmsr
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012