She Had Been My Only True Love... And She Will Forever Have My Whole Heart.

I remember playing The Game of Life with this girl back in 1998 at her mom's house. I was friends with her brother so it happened that I had become like part of their family. I was openly welcomed whenever I came over and I lived in the same town so it was quite often! I didn't have many really good friends that interested me growing up. I chose to stay in small circles and know these people really well.

This girl, lets call her, Maddy. She had a brother. Let's call him, Trouble. Even though I didn't know it at the time, and it took me a couple years to realize it, my Best Friend throughout my entire teenage years had been Trouble. We would play pool at the bowling alley in town and hang out at the golf course or sit inside playing video games all day. Back then it was Nintendo 64. I had that system for over ten years, since I bought it from Trouble when he ended up buying an Xbox back in 2002. I just lost it while I was in the process of moving earlier this year. We'd play 007 all the time and even racing games on occasion. It was fun and I'd have to say these were some of the most exciting times of my childhood.

Well, I did have an awesome childhood, so I can't complain! My older sister says that I have, "Selective Memory." However, I'm pretty sure that I remember my childhood being fairly awesome at all times!!

I would hang out with Trouble and go fishing, even though I didn't really like to fish. I wasn't much into hurting fish with the hooks and all that. It was more about having friends and doing what they liked sometimes. I'm pretty sure Trouble always had a thing for me that I didn't notice even though there were signs... a lot of signs!! I met Trouble when he came over while we were first moving into town and my mom paid him to mow the grass in the backyard. He knocked on the door and told me to come outside and look to see if he was mowing the grass right. I was confused so I went to go check what he meant. I was pretty sure everyone knew how to use a lawnmower. Turns out, I was way wrong!!! I walked into the backyard and he was laughing hysterically as I looked at what he did. He drew a heart across the entire backyard and put my name inside. I have no clue why but to me I just took it as him being odd and saying that he thought I was cool.

I would go hang out and play video games with Trouble and after playing The Game of Life with his sister, Maddy, I realized that he got jealous of how much fun the two of us were having. Maddy and I were laughing hysterically and making all of these inside jokes that Trouble didn't understand. That was the best board game I had ever played to this day! If I could go back in time that would be one of the places that I'd like to go. The next day, when I came over to go play some more video games with Trouble, Maddy asked if we'd like to play The Game of Life, Chutes and Ladders, or any other board games with her. I enthusiastically said, "Yes!!" However, Trouble immediately interjected with a firm, "no," and proceeded to try and persuade Maddy to leave by calling her names and saying some pretty hurtful things. She ended up leaving Troubles room and I asked Trouble why he didn't want to play. He told me that Maddy always tries to take away his friends.

I should have known to stay away from Trouble when I first met him at a grocery store many years before, but that's a whole other story in itself so lets not get sidetracked! It took a few years and a college education before I even really had a chance to get to know Maddy much more than the girl that always pwned me at video games. However, one September day in 2003 everything changed... my entire life included.

Love was brewing in the air and an entire magical world I didn't even know existed began to unfold within the months to follow. I was living in a dream. Except, I surely was awake!! Before her, I'm pretty sure I was sleeping. She had held my heart from the moment she let me in hers and I have never let go to this day.

[I'll write more when I have the chance. Teaser Alert!: It all ended with my Best Friend holding a loaded pistol to my head and a series of deplorable events.] 0_o
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I don't really know how to respond to this story, but I am curious as to if she knows how you feel, and if she feels the same way..? O.o..?

Sorry if I seem to be prying. I'm not trying to. But awesome story. ^_~