A Page In My Diary

I was going through an old blog and this is what I found, I though I share it with u guys:

T: "Hey are you gonna stay tomorrow?"
blogger :"I don't think so cuzz I have music club"
"ohhh, well I'm gona stay with your best friend"
"ohh ok"
............ hours later

blogger: "okay I'm gonna stay"
IT: "really? I don't have to if you don't want to"
"yeah I'll stay"

I walked to lunch with the desire so see him,we were supposed to be matching today....OMG there he is! Awwwww that shirt he is wearing is so cute gray with black :)
he is waving at me! oh hey I waved back, he is with that weird girl that he always talks about, but no worries she is not a risk, but wait he left..he did not sit with me at lunch =( I wonder if he is gonna walk me to class...ohhh no he didn't =( ohhhhh...should I be mad??
Jntt should i be mad?? "no just give him some slack"
Hmmmmm i don't even know what slack means, but I guess it makes sense....

After school......

Hmmmmm is he gonna stay for reals?? where is he at??? ughhhh I guess I'm just gonna go to the library.....
Ohh my gosh there he is behind me!
Awwwww he still looks so cute...
isn't weird how we dont even hug or anything, but ughh I have to go to the bathroom......
Why was he even gonna stay the library was closed and he didn't even do his homework!!! ughhh, but come down one more try....u care alot don't let this ruin everything....
Okay so he is talking a lot to them...what about me?? well idk I know i'm not that sun, but still....Ohhh now he is kinda boring, he doesn't do anything...
what the heck why did she make him put his arm around me??!! aww but is so warm and comfortable, wait but he is way to small for he...ughh this sucks...I should be more skinny it all my fault...he needs to grow some muscle......
ughhhh he is still talking to those girls alot what the heck I'm the one that is risking everything here.....
It: "are you mad?"
"no why...should I be mad??"
"I know you are made.. I can feel the vibe...."
"okay yeah....Look i have a fish tank and its 3/4 filled up already"
"wow that much"
"I'm sorry"
"its okay"
Fhany Fhany
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013