I Remember My First Love Like ...

I remember my first love like it was yesterday.  He was the boy who I picked on all the while I was growing up.  Then one evening, at the skating rink, my senior year of high school, there he was.  He looked completely different as he skated around the rink.  I saw a fully grown man, one that I really needed to get to know.  As fate would have it, we ended up spending most of the evening together, due to outside circumstances. (A mutual friend got sent to the hospital, because her boyfriends ex-girlfriend tripped her, causing her to slam her head against the skating rink)

We were together for 3 years, lived together.  We fell apart due to immature love, on both sides.  I learned a lot from him.
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i know it hurst when that happens<br />
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ilost my love to death at 19

YAY!! Thank you for that...Hugs, LW