Those Were the Days... *sigh*

Those were really the days...I met him one summer and, at the time, I didn't quite like him.. I mean, he was cute and good looking and all that, but wasn't my type..

But then he came over to me and started a conversation... I talked to him just to be polite, but after I realised that that was actually very good thing to do....

We started to know each other better and I started to like him.. Not because of his looks, though.. It was the way he could make me laugh when I didn't even want to smile.. It was the way he looked at me and we used to just sit in silence and hold hands.. But it was a very comfortable silence... :DD

He had the best jokes ever...He could make me smile ANYTIME... He wasn't just my first love, he was my best friend too...And I was able to tell him everything and he would understand me...It was beautiful to have such a good person next you...

We lasted for 8 months... But we are still friends... We talk to each other reguraly and, even though we aren't together anymore, he can still make me laugh anytime..

The only problem is, that now (3 years later) I still search for a guy who is a lot like my first love.And none of the guys aren't good enough, because they don't have what HE had...That's sad actually, 'cause I have moved on, and so did he and I don't understand why do I keep searching for guys who are exactly like my first love...If anyone has the answer, feel free to write it...

:) *waves*

shadyca shadyca
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

i think im in a similar situation as you, me and my first loe have both moved on, but i still try to search for guyz tht are like him. it's normal, but try and open up ur options. maybe u'll find smone even cooler/better! XD