When You Least Expect It, Love Finds You

My first love, true love, was a wonderful Italian young man. My first real boyfriend before him had flubbed things up royally. I attended an all-girl high school, and through a friend of a friend of his he'd met another girl AT MY SCHOOL and took up with her behind my back. When I found out, I felt so hurt and foolish, but didn't see any point in waiting around for him to make up his mind who he wanted to stay with! So I told him just to go be with her. I was really sad for a while. Then I reached a point where I just decided I was going to simply let go of that situation and enjoy what there was to enjoy. I had some close friends who were true-blue, one of them male, so we just decided to go to a dance at my high school together one night. The guy was able to go because he attended one of our "brother" schools, and my girlfriend was able to come as my guest. So there we all were at the dance, having fun. I looked a mess--I was really enjoying myself. And suddenly I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, and there he was (swoon!) We introduced ourselves and it was the start of something beautiful. Even though I knew I looked a mess, he didn't seem to care. Rather, he was attracted to me because I just looked like I was there to enjoy myself. We were inseparable for the rest of the evening, and thanks to my male friend he got my phone number. It turned out that he'd managed to sneak in somehow with a friend of his--he wasn't supposed to be there! It was my first true experience of a loving romantic relationship, and it was wonderful and real. Interestingly, my former boyfriend learned of the situation, and by then the one he'd taken up with had shown herself to be.....less than faithful. He actually wanted to get back with me after all that nonsense, but I was so insanely happy with my new love that there was NO CHANCE. Even though life circumstances eventually separated us and we didn't end up together, I'll always be grateful for the experience, the fun and the love. Thank you Gregg :)

bluegreensea bluegreensea
51-55, F
Feb 28, 2009