My First Love...

My first Love was amazing. I was in my jr year of highschool and it was the first day of school and I look and in walks this gorgeous guy. It was love at first sight. All my classes had assigned seats, and some how I ended up by him in ever class (it was every girls dream!) As the days and weeks went by we ended up dating. (he said it was love at first sight for him too )  We had so much fun together! I only liked school because of him and he only liked school because of me. We had it all planned out. We were going to run away after graduation and get married. Have you ever just seen someone and thought "Thats who i want to marry" or "thats who I am going to marry" thats how it was for us. I mean he completed me and I completed him. We were perfect for eachother. Well  the year moved on and we were completely in love and infatuated with eachtother. I had never (and still havent) been that happy in all my life. He was perfect. He wrote me little notes, and got me little presents. Called me..talked to me...he did and said everything the right time...We had fallen fast and hard for eachother...Well it was almost the end of our junior year and his mom told him she wasnt sending him back next year. That was the worse day of my life..finding out i wouldnt see him again..See his mom was seriously crazy..Once she found out we really liked and loved eachother he wasnt allowed to call me anymore, or anything. She said we were too young (i was 17 and he was 18...yes he was held back a year in school) Well she took him out of our school because of it, and I will never forgive her..Anyways, It was the last day of school and I was expecting to see him and say goodbye to him at the end of the day...but guess what...HIs mom wouldnt let him go to school that day. She said we didnt need to say goodbye, she said I didnt matter. That was the last time I saw him...I wrote him for a  year straight!! It was seriously like the movie the notebook (only my life is ending different then the movie) I wrote him every day for months...then it went to 2 times a week ...then it went to once a week...and then I wrote one last letter...I had done everything possible to try to hear from him and see and know if he still loved me. (after all he had promised me when he first found out he was switching school that he would come back for me....and I believed him) i called him, i wrote him, i emailed him...i did everything. I never recieved one phone call, one letter, or one email back...I decided it was about time I moved on. It took me a long time to get over him..and to this day I know i am not over him...after all we never had closure...i never got to say was all so sudden when things came crashing down. I heard from him a few weeks ago. He had just broke off an engagement because he couldnt stand her. He said he found my number and said he still loved me and wanted to marry me. But one problem...well 2 problems... 1).Im engaged to a wonderful man(and although he isnt my first love I still love him) and 2), I cant trust Daryl (my first love) ... if he left me once whats to say he wont again...I mean I am sure somehow someway he could have gotten one letter out or one phone call or email...but never did i hear from him...I believe I will always love him and think about him..He has a special place in my heart...but isnt that how it is will all first loves???
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My first love in 7 the standard with a cute girl..