I Was 11.

It was in April, and my family had left the house for the afternoon.
I was thus alone and curious (well, I'd always been curious) about my body, specifically the quickly developing parts of it.
My usual exploraiton and play (I am uncircumcised, and had been having dry ******* as long as I could remember, sometimes with friends) went as usual. I was on my bed, idly ************ by humping my mattress, when I felt something...different, not the usual ecstatic song of my nerves followed by hypersensitivity. I rolled over onto my back and continued working my foreskin. Thoughts poured into my head...particularly of a brunette and a redhead in my class. These were new thoughts. Nice all the same. I became hard, my foreskin had been able to be retracted for as long as I can remember, so I slid it back down over my shaft, and then forward, backward…and so on. The first drop of pre-*** confused me slightly, but it felt so good I did not want to stop. I worked my hairless **** (there were exactly two black hairs above my ****) and pumped my foreskin as I felt something new build within me. My *********** should have been accompanied by the 1812 Overture. I splattered my chest with my off-white ***** and pre-*********. I screamed in pleasure and kept pumping out *** until my **** went soft. By the time I had finished the I was covered in my fluids. The smell was what hit me after the waves of pleasure subsided slightly, it smelled...clean. I wiped myself clean with Kleenex, and then, with little ceremony, flushed the tissue after taking a shower to wash myself clean of myself.
And that...was my first ******.
I have had many more in the years since then.
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Embarassment seems like Sex American Style to me. After all, it has been a popular activity for a long time. Read a few stories from both sexes and it becomes obvious that sex will happen regardless of the person's feelings, fears etc. Good thing that!!!

While Cherryxblossom admitted being embarrassed to read of the account of your first wet ******, something tells me she would have loved to be embarrassed to have actually wittness seeing you have the ******...... am I right Cherryxblossom?<br />
<br />

There is nothing that quite matches the intensity or the satisfaction of the ******* you have as a kid. Nice to read your story.

Nice story. I'd love to read more of what you've experienced.

Why should anyone be embarrased reading about another's most pleasurable experiences in their life.? Victus, your story was great and I enjoyed your writing style!

Thanks...I think...

I'm not embarrassed to have written it. I thought I would be...but getting such things off my chest and out into the ether felt really nice.

I'm very embarrassed that I just read that:P haha.