First Time I Touched Myself At 16

My family used to be very close to another family and we would spend a lot of time together. They had two boys and one of them was two years younger. One evening we were over and somehow our conversation went into ************. Listening to this 14 year old boy talk about ************ was so exiting but I have never touched myself (but I did know everything about sex, I've seem **** magazines since I was 10, I just never thought about touching myself).

So later that evening I went to bed, laying there I decided to explore my body it was so nice just to touch my skin. I started to feel really weird below so I let my hang slide down into my panties. The moment I pressed on my **** it felt numb and really tingly all at the same time. It was so exiting I just continues pressing and rubbing it until I felt like I exploded. I was laying there afterwards a little sweaty and thinking to myself why did I not do that before. After that night I went off the wall I was touching myself every day for the next two years while watching some ****, hentai, reading books. It still feels amazing.
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Reading **** is stimulating "visual immagination" It is slower than movies but in the longer run more erotic.

I was 14 too! A friend of mine had bought a book called "Xaviera the Happy Hooker" at a used book sale (at our school of all places!) He told me that I had to read this book. I put it away and forgot about it. One day when I was home sick from school and bored out of my mind, I decided to start reading it. Wow, did it turn me on! I had seen ****** before but there was nothing like reading erotica to stimulate me as a young kid. I felt this huge urge to just tug away; even though it felt awkward, that first release was just that- a beautiful relaxing sensation after feeling that pent up energy within me.

Oops... thought you were 14 (not 16)....

wow you were reading an erotic book...another first for me. I thought men were more into visual stimulation and women into words. I watch **** sometimes but it does not compare to a good romance novel, i get hot flashed through my whole body and so turned on by a good scene

ooh the pic in my