In The Tub

I was 11 years old. I was an early bloomer and already wearing a b cup. i knew i liked playing with my boobs but never thought to touch "down there". one day as i was laying in the tub washing my very long hair, as i slid down to rinse, the water coming out of the tap hit my ****. scared the tar out of me because i never felt anything like it before. i slowly scooted back under the water and just laid there in a trance enjoying this new feeling. eventhough it was a while later before i reached ******, i was very clean from this day forward. it didn't occur to me to use my fingers untill a few weeks later.
laying on my bed one night i just started rubbing, it felt really good so i rubbed different ways, tried sliding my finger in and out. always having been in the tub, i didn't realize how wet i got and thought i peed a little but just didn't care. i just kept rubbing and fingering, feeling something building until i expolded. i didn't know i was moaning until my older brother told me he could hear me through the heater vent and knew what i was doing. i didn't care i was hooked and am still a chronic ***********.
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Thanks for sharing your story I enjoyed it.

I am a firm believer that everyone should have the orgasmic experience. To bad it is not a part of the American Way. I actually think initial help with the experience should be a part of education. Fortunately I can not be fired from my position for thisnking this.

I started the bath tub ritual when I was ten. Thank god for toys :)

I was way younger, but the bath and hand shower routine is awesome!