I Was 9, She Was Almost 13...

I knew about sex by the time I was 6. Living on a small farm I was aware about what was happening, and why - I just didn't know at an early age that there was so much pleasure to be had!

Anyway, I was staying with family friends for a few days while my parents went to a wedding on the other side of the country. Melissa, their daughter, was a few weeks short of 13, and already quite nicely developed and with quite a bit of hair. At 9 I was still flat and had no hair at all. We were in the bath together and she was stroking her boobs and rubbing between her legs. She took my right foot and put it on her mound and asked me to rub her, and I was happy to oblige. After a few minutes she pushed my foot away and started to play with her **** and finger herself. I was astonished to see and hear her ******!

She asked me if I've ever **********, and I sheepishly said no. She made me sit on the edge of the tub and started eating me. I thought I was going to pee after a while, she started playing with her finger too, and the next thing I nearly fell of the edge of the bath! WOW!!!

Since then rarely a day passes without me ************ at least once!
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You are so very sexually liberated and I think I love you(in an online never really met you kind if way). Anyway I love you profile pic and imagine that you are sitting astride me in the reverse cowgirl position and we are having a gran old time.

That is so hott! Rarely a day goes without me ************ as well. And why deny ourselves the pleasure right?

Very hot story

Wow... just "wow"...

Thank you!

good to be exposed early!

nice experience. my gf had a similar experience when she was 10, by her maid 16. they both became fond of playing every night when everyone at home slept.

sooo hottt ... nice age to , wish it was me. add me please

Very hard! Thanks!

Really nice story w happy ending. Glad your introduction was fun and pleasurable. Thats the way it should always be.

I was about 13 and not too experienced. It was Friday and we were getting ready to go on a hunting trip so I was excited. We were taken out of school early for the trip by our parents. I was scurrying aroud to get ready and deciced at the last minute to run to the ba<x>sement for my compass. The excitement and galloping down stairs caused a spontaneous ****** that was incredible. My body was just ready. The extraordinary spasums are still clearly in mind. I have been seeking that experience ever since.

i liked the story ;)

Awesome story, cutie! It makes me wet...<br />
Kisses, T.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />