I was 14 and I knew about erections and wet dreams, but I thought conscious ******* could only come through sexual intercourse. I played with my penis a lot and had even rubbed the flat side of my penis head in the bathtub shortly after i started having wet dreams, but the sensation was unpleasant. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my penis. I'd also played with the shift and frenulum, but just when they were dry. Only one night in the bathtub I just happened to wash my penis with my soapy hand, instead of a washcloth. I wasn't hard or thinking about sex, but immediately the slippery sensation of my fingers moving over my penis gave me the sensation of a wet dream. It was like the ****** started right away, but it took a few seconds for a full erection to happen, and then my hips lifted off the floor of the bathtub and I started hard, joyous spurts of *****. I remember thinking in amazement that you don't have to **** in order to have an ******, and I couldn't wait to tell my friends of my great discovery, which I thought was unique. Fortunately, I was too shy to carry that out, because I bed most of my friends knew already and would have just laughed at my "big news."
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Jan 13, 2013