First ******

I still remember the first time I had an ******. I had been wanking my p*nis for several years; but had never climaxed.  Then one morning when I was at home alone it happened.  I was sitting on the couch with my p*nis in my hand and wanking it while 'dreaming' of a girl that I had played with when we were younger.  We had played doctor and 'examined' each other a few times.  I was thinking about how her p*ssy looked when I would spread the lips.  Suddenly I felt something strange.  It actually scared me for a moment.  Then I realized that I had just had an ******!  It seemed to last for several minutes.  That first time didn't feel anything like the later ones did.  The first couple didn't really feel all that 'good'.  After several more, I could not do it enough!! 
I was about 10 years old when this happened.  A cousin and his mother came to stay us for a few days.  I told him about what had happened and he laughed.  He said that he had been having ******* for about three years.  He was almost 3 years older than I was.  Of course we watched each other 'doing their thing' many times after that.  They stayed with us for almost 4 months.  He was just developing enough to 'shoot' a load.  It was a couple years later before I could. 
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Jan 13, 2013