Ohhhhh My!

I had my first ****** at 22 while I was ************.

Right before it happened my body began to shake on its own, and then I felt like I had to push out. And I pushed with all my might, and then I involuntarily started moaning and then laughing, uncontrollably...and I couldn't even continue on from there, because it started to...hurt? But yeah. It was incredible. That whole "sense of well-being" that everyone talks about is so f-ing true. After it was over, I got up a looked in the mirror, trying to see if something miraculous happened to me physically, because I felt so good. And as I was walking around, I said to myself, "Who knew I possessed this power?! And I didn't find out until I became 22?!" It was incredible.
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Way to go!!

why so late

I remember my 1st also I couldn't believe all this stuff coming out of me I thought I had peed, when I told my brother he laughed so hard, he told me what was happening, I been shooting ever since

Why wait so long?

and to think that could have happened long ago

So true!