My Cousin

I was 9 years old when my best friend, my older cousin, and I went hiking after my family moved to the country. We soon came to the banks of a river and my cousin began to undress saying he was going swimming and we should to. My friend and I both, rather sheepishly, undressed and jumped into the water. I enjoyed it more than anything I had ever done. Since then I have gone skinny dipping every chance I have. It's a wonderful feeling. After Swimming awhile we played tag in the woods and climbed trees. We had a good time.
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My first experience was when I was about 12. There were three of us staying at a cabin in the mountains. It was late and we wanted to go out and explore. To make it more interesting, we decided to go naked. This was a first for each of us. The friend who parents owned the cabin had a twin sister who caught us trying to sneak out naked. She agreed not to tell if we let her go with us. So there we were, four naked 12 year olds sneaking out. There three boys and one girl. The experience was memorable. It was just so exciting being out in the night air with nothing on. My firend's sister helped make it so. Between her and the night air, I think were fully erect the whole time.

Great way to start enjoying the naturist lifestyle, I had my first experience with two friends in the woods aged ten, happy memories.

You didn't say whether you got dressed before playing tag and climbing trees. <br />
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Details, details.